Following the orders of the Education Department, the District Education Officer of Bathinda has sent a show cause notice to 67 school heads. The information is that these school heads were found absent in the meeting, due to which notices have been sent to them.

According to media reports, Bathinda Education Officer Senior Secondary Shivpal Goyal held a meeting with all school heads on December 12 to improve education, but meanwhile 67 school heads did not attend the meeting.

It is being told that, 42 school heads remained absent in the meeting, while 25 school heads sent other staff in their place in the meeting, which angered the education officer and sent a show cause notice to the said 67 school heads.

Let us tell you that, in the orders issued by the Education Officer, it has been clearly written that the school head who did not attend the meeting should send his reply personally on December 15. Along with this, the education officer has also ordered the school principal not to leave the school before half past two.