Punjabi University, Patiala- 20 children from Government High School, Patiala Cantt district Patiala under the guidance of two teachers did an industrial visit to the computer science department on 03-02-2023 at 11:30 am.

Professor Sukhjit Kaur Ranade, head of the Department of Computer Science along with his teachers and employees enlightened the students about the infrastructure and artificial intelligence available in the department. After a formal welcome, the students settled down at the seminar hall of the department . Soon After which the session began.  Students were given Demos of software developed by the department and Technical knowledge was also imparted to them.

Students were notified about New Projects opted by department from the Government:

  • World’s first-ever announcement system for people incapable of hearing and speaking: Indian Railway Announcement System (ISL).Research scholars Annu Rani, Shahbaz and Gurdeep spoke about the project received by the department from the government. it was also told that this project was aimed to create an announcement system for hearing and speech-impaired people in public places like railway stations, bus stands, airports, etc.

  • This project is the World’s first-ever announcement System of its kind .it is meticulously created by the Department of Computer Science at Punjabi University. This system will soon be put up for testing at Patiala railway station and soon after its success  this system will be established in all the railway stations in India.
  • Gaming Software for learning Punjabi Alphabets (elearnPunjabi):The second project was designed by Professor Gurpreet singh Lahil and his team,this is a gaming software which focused on teaching 35 letters  of Punjabi ;it also had feautre of testing one progress after learning. This was presented by Dr.Tejinder and more.The school children enjoyed the visit with their accompanying teachers and admired both the software.