America Firing:

A mass shooting has taken place in the Mexican city hall of America in which at least 18 people have died. The incidents of firing in America are not stopping. Now the big news is coming out from the Mexican City Hall in Mexico, America. There has been a mass shooting at City Hall in which at least 18 people have died. According to the initial information, the mayor is also among the dead.

According to reports, an event was going on in the Mexican City Hall during which an unknown person enters the hall and waits for a few seconds and starts firing indiscriminately. 18 people died in this firing incident. It is being told that, apart from the mayor, his father, former mayor and municipal police officers were also killed among the dead. At the same time, an atmosphere of tension has arisen in the entire area since the incident.
The pictures that came out

Among the pictures that have come out, one such picture has come out in which bullet marks are visible on a wall. At least 30-35 marks are visible. At the same time, in another picture, the accused person is seen who has been caught by the police. No official statement has come out in this whole matter yet. However, an organization has taken responsibility for this incident.