Burning update,

On the instructions of the Punjab government, the district administration has issued show cause notices to 438 firearms license holders, suspending 391 licenses during the review process of licensed weapons.

Giving information about this process, Deputy Commissioner Jaspreet Singh said that there are about 7000 firearms licenses in the district, of which 391 licenses were suspended due to various reasons after an investigation by the firearms branch and police department from different aspects. He said that 438 Due to not adopting the process of renewal of licenses on time, show cause notices have been issued to the original license holders to present their stand, after declaring their replies, further action will be taken.

Jaspreet Singh said that the remaining licenses are also being scrutinized by the Arms branch of the district administration and the police department so that necessary procedures can be adopted.

He appealed to the Arms license holders to extend full cooperation to the concerned authorities in the ongoing investigation as per the instructions of the Punjab Government so that this work could be completed at the earliest.