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Assam Under the leadership of Karimganj Sadar Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Parthapratim Das, heroin worth five crore rupees has been seized from Patharkandi’s Asimganj. However, the police could not arrest anyone. The mini truck involved in the smuggling has also been seized by the police. According to the information, a group of drug smugglers was going in a Tata Yoddha mini truck (AS-11EC-0399) from the road of Rangpur Seragi of Assam-Mizoram Border Police Station, Ratabari Police Station late on Monday evening. On the basis of intelligence information, a police team from Ratabari Police Station started checking the vehicles on the Ratabari-Aseemganj public construction road. When the mini truck arrived the police tried to surround the moving vehicle. Meanwhile, the smugglers tried to escape by breaking the wall of a house located on the side of bypass road in Asimganj area. But they failed. The smugglers fled leaving the truck on the spot. In this regard, the officer in charge of Ratabari police station said that 676 grams of heroin, hidden in 52 soap boxes, was recovered from inside a box. The price of recovered heroin in the market is estimated to be around 5 crore rupees. The official said that efforts are being made to trace the people involved in drug smuggling through the seized vehicle.