The game of forced conversion is going on in western Uttar Pradesh. In Mangatpur area of ​​Meerut, poor and weak people are being forced to adopt Christianity. This game is going on not from now but from the era of Corona. The poor and destitute were replaced by money and food. After which now people have opposed it.

On the complaint of the people, the police registered an FIR against 9 people in this case. A total of 8 people have been arrested in this case so far.

In the Mangalpur area of ​​Meerut, poor people earn their living by throwing garbage in the streets of the city. During the lockdown, when everything came to a standstill, these people also faced food and money  problems. Taking advantage of the helplessness of the very helpless and poor people, some people of Delhi provided them facilities. Food was also given and the lure of money was also given. More than a thousand people live in Mangatapuram area, where more than 100 people are still under the influence of such people.

When the media tried to talk to him, he distanced himself. But most of the people opposed this forced conversion and even protested in front of the SSP office. When police searched the area, they found a makeshift church where prayer meetings were held. Some videos have also surfaced of the time when the prayer meeting was being held here. A register has also been found, in which a list of people wishing to convert has been prepared.

Some Hindu organizations are opposing this forced conversion. According to these people, Anil Pascal and his foreigner wife, who have not been made accused in the FIR registered in Brahmapuri police station, are behind this conversion.

Among them there are some people who are making forced conversions in the greed of money. The police have also started cracking down on them. According to SSP Rohit Sajwan, 6 people have been detained and questioned so far. Along with this, 8 people have been arrested. Apart from this, the other names that come up will also be are rate soon.