If you also have an account in ICICI Bank, then read this special news

With the changing times, banking services have also undergone many changes. Nowadays, due to the digital payment option, the use of checks has reduced drastically. But when it comes to paying large amounts of money, paying by check is still an easy and safe option today.

From buying property to doing business, you too are using checks on a very large scale. In such a situation, if the check ends in the check book itself, then people have to face a lot of trouble. In such a case, if the check has expired in your check book, then there is no need to worry.

You can order ICICI Bank Check Book from online mode even from the comfort of your home. Let us tell you how to order Online Check Book (ICICI Bank Check Book Request)-

How to order check book online-

ICICI Bank offers its customers several ways to order check books. The first way is to go to an ICICI Bank branch and order it. Apart from this you can also order it from the website www.icicibank.com. Along with this, this work can also be done through SMS or iMobile. Apart from this, you can also call customer care to order a check book.

Book a check through internet banking order like this-

You can easily order a check book through internet banking.

For this visit the official website of the bank www.icicibank.com.

Next login to your account. After that select Customer Service.

After this you will see the option to order check book, select it.

After that enter your address.

In a few days, the bank will send a new check book to your address.

Check book order through iMobile app like this-

1. For this first of all you open the iMobile app.

2. After that enter your 4 digit PIN and scan the fingerprint.

3. After that select the Services option and select ‘Check Book Services’.

4. After this you have to fill the address here.

5. Next you will also be asked for an alternate address, which you can fill.

6. After this your check book will reach home within 4 to 5 days.