Big decision of Bhagwant Mann government to prevent road accidents in Punjab, read full news

Giving priority to saving lives lost during road accidents in Punjab, Punjab Government has decided to involve expert institutes, universities/colleges, non-governmental organizations and registered societies to assist in road safety operations. Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar said that these organizations will be registered with the state or central government and will be involved in road safety activities such as road safety audits, accident investigations, ambulance mapping, identification of high accident sites, training of partners and road safety in the state. Awareness campaigns etc. will be involved in the works.

The cabinet minister said that the task of coordinating with expert organizations in road safety works and listing them as soon as possible has been assigned to the Punjab State Road Safety Council, which was formed under the directives of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety. It is the lead agency and oversees the implementation and monitoring of various traffic arrangements and road safety measures in Punjab.Eligible organizations will be listed for a period of two years and assigned tasks related to traffic management and road safety from time to time. These institutes will provide technical support to lead agency and state government especially in preparation of “Action Plan for Traffic Management and Road Safety in Punjab” as well as traffic on national highways, state highways and other major district roads of Punjab. The management will work to sensitize and build capacity of road safety partners.

He said that the listed institutions/institutions will work and provide reliable results to the lead agency on road safety, traffic police and transport department and provide necessary support so that better road safety management and safety environment can be created.These organizations are responsible for preparing road safety awareness materials such as posters, pamphlets, skits, video/audio materials etc. in Punjab, conducting road safety education and awareness campaigns with the support of District Road Safety Committees, conducting road safety education and awareness campaigns, conducting road safety surveys and conducting surveys on the behavior of passers-by. To prepare communication materials, assist traffic enforcement, engineering and other concerned agencies to investigate road accidents as per Central/State guidelines under Section 135 of the Motor Vehicle Act, on state highways, major district roads and national highways etc. IRC will provide support to the lead agency for conducting road safety audits, identifying and reviewing high accident sites in Punjab and preparing various road accidents/traffic data or other available data and reports as per the guidelines of

He said that the organization should not have been blocked or blacklisted by the state government in any previous projects and that these organizations should have expertise in planning, developing and executing active strategies and campaigns to spread awareness among selected community groups. . For these organizations, road safety audit/identification of high accident sites, mobility schemes and other supporting areas with the relevant partner departments at state, district and sub-district level, management of equipment projects and other areas by suitable professionals. Must have experience in implementing similar projects.

Organizations or specialist organizations having relevant experience in road safety and traffic management works can apply till October 3. Organizations can send applications online along with relevant documents to lead agency e-mail or submit applications in person at lead agency office