Alert in Lahore, entry into India’s air space, landing in China… 6 hours of ‘great drama’ in the air

The plane that took off from Iran’s Tehran has landed safely in Guangzhou. There was a rumor that there was a bomb in this plane and it wanted to make an emergency landing in Delhi. But when the permission was not received, for 40 minutes it kept roaming in the air space of India. Due to this, the Sukhoi Jet also had to be activated and the aircraft was surrounded for a long time.
Flight W581, which took off from Tehran, Iran, has finally landed safely in Guangzhou, China. But this one flight worried the security agencies of India, Pakistan and China. A rumor of a bomb created such an atmosphere that India’s Sukhoi jet had to be activated in this journey of a few hours, emergency landing in Delhi was not allowed and the aircraft remained in the airspace of India for 40 minutes.

This whole incident started from Iran when the plane W581 took off from Tehran in the morning. This 340-seater plane had to land in Guangzhou, China. But mid-flight, the pilot was informed that there is allegedly a bomb in the plane. This information blew the pilot’s senses. Then at 9:20 in the morning this plane entered the airspace of India. Then Delhi Air Traffic Control was also informed that there was a bomb in the plane. The pilot wanted the plane to be allowed to make an emergency landing in Delhi.

But as soon as the information about the alleged bomb was received, the Delhi Air Traffic Control shared this input with the security agency and the Air Force. Understanding the whole situation, the Air Force did not allow the W581 aircraft to make an emergency landing in Delhi. Instead, the Air Force instructed Sukhoi jets to scramble immediately from Jodhpur Airbase. Then two Sukhoi jets surrounded that plane of Iran. The reason for the encirclement was that this plane was trying to land in Delhi by coming down from its possible height. But because the Air Force did not allow it, Sukhoi was activated to intercept the aircraft.
The big thing here is that two options were given to the pilot by India. It was said that he can land the plane in Jaipur or Chandigarh if he wants. But when the pilot refused to do so, he was not allowed to make an emergency landing anywhere. In this process, for 45 minutes i.e. from 9.20 to 10.5 in the morning, this plane was hovering in the sky of Delhi. According to the Air Force, action was taken by the IAF in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Civil Aviation Security Bureau under the prescribed procedure. While the aircraft was in Indian airspace, it was monitored by the Air Force.
The great airline has also issued a statement on this incident. He has said that such rumors were spread to disturb the peace. But after such an incident, the great airline is more committed to the safety of its passengers and will continue to provide its services.