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Chief Minister gives green signal for the construction of sub-divisional, tehsil, and sub-tehsil complexes in the state, 17 state-of-the-art buildings to be constructed for Rs 80 crore

The decision was taken to provide convenience to the common people who come to do their daily administrative work

This decision is  important for facilitating  the common people in carrying out their daily administrative work, today announced 17 superstructures for sub-divisional, tehsil and sub-tehsil complexes across the state with Rs 80 crore. -Construction of modern buildings has been approved.

Presiding over the meeting to pproveal in this regard, the Chief Minister said, “This step is part of my government’s commitment to ensure judicious use of tax money for their welfare.”
The Chief Minister said that thousands of people across the state go to the sub-divisionn, tehsil and sub-tehsil level offices for their daily administrative work. He said that this decision was taken so that people do not have to face any kind of trouble.

Bhagwant Mann said that this will ensure better working space for the staff working in these offices and also provide uninterrupted services to the people. The Chief Minister said that these complexes will be built on modern lines for the convenience of the people.
He said that out of the buildings to be complete for of Rs 80 crore out of which Rs 16.06 crore will be spent on the construction of the subdivision complex at Dirba, Rs 4.46 crore on the sub-tehsil complex at Cheema, Rs 1.42 crore on the sub-tehsil complex at Balianwali. Rs.1.04 crore will be spent on sub-tehsil complex at Goniana Mandi.

Similar,ly Rs 1.47 crore othe n sub-tehsil complex Nathana, Rs 4.49 crore on sub-tehsil complex Dasuha, Rs 6.49 crore on sub-tehsil complex Kalnaur, Rs 5.80 crore other than new administrative complex Sultanpur Lodhi, administrative complex at Phagwara 3.96 crores at Ahmedgarh Tehsil Complex Rs.5.95 crores Amargarh Tehsil Complex Rs.6.69 crores Bassi Pathana Administrative Complex Rs.8.61 crores Abohar Sub Division/Tehsil Complex Rs.3.50 crores Banur Rs 3.05 crore will be spent on sub tehsil complex, Rs 0.5 crore on sub tehsil complex Majri, Rs 0.5 crore on sub tehsil complex Zirakpur and Rs 5.14 crore on sub tehsil complex at Sri Chamkaur Sahib. Bhagwant Mann said that the work on these complexes will start soon and will be completed within the stipulated time.