Burning update,

The Hon’ble government will prepare a pollution-free project for the Tung Dhabi drain on the lines of the old drain.

The Minister for Local Government has instructed the officials of the concerned departments to complete the drain renewal project by dividing it into three phases.

A biogas plant will be set up to prevent the waste of dairy from falling into the drain, until then the municipal corporation and district administration will collect manure and other waste from the dairy.

Instructions to form a district-level joint committee to meet the local needs for implementing the project


As part of its commitment to provide a clean and livable environment to the people, the government led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has decided that the Tung Dhabi Drain of Amritsar will be de-polluted on the lines of Budhe Nala.

While presiding over an important meeting regarding the design of the project for the beautification of the drain by making it pollution free, the Minister for Local Government Dr. Inderbir Singh Najjar said that to make the state pollution-free, it is the need of the hour to give high attention to the cleanliness of the rivers, streams and seasonal drains here.
Dr. During a meeting with the urban and rural area committees formed for cleaning the drain, Najjar focused on various aspects to clean the Tung Dhabi drain and said that the project will be divided into three parts to handle the industrial, dairy, and domestic waste. Drain cleanliness can be ensured by different treatments.

Officials told the cabinet minister that there are 39 industries in this 20 km long drain passing through the city, out of which 19 are industries with polluted water and 28 ml of them. Industrial wastewater is falling into heavy drains. Similarly, the domestic sewage of 17 villages is falling into the drain.

Apart from this, animal dung and other waste from 176 dairies, which is about 550 KLD. Made, being thrown into the heavy drain. Dr. Nijjar instructed the officials of the Punjab Pollution Control Board to strictly prevent industrial waste containing toxic chemicals from falling into the drain and to ensure constant checking of the industries. He said that common effluent treatment plants should be set up in industrial areas as per requirement.