At Khunder U ta village of Ferozepur today, the atmosphere became tense when a fierce clash broke out between AAP and Congress workers.

It is alleged that the senior leader and AAP block president was first abducted by some Congress people and later beaten up.

According to the police, the block president of AAP went to village Khunder Uttar to make MGNREGA cards etc. of the people.

The AAP Block President also made an announcement after going to the Gurdwara Sahib, after which many people even reached to make cards.

But many workers of the opposition faction Congress also reached there. As soon as they came, they bad-mouthed their block president and were kidnapped.

According to the police, AAP workers were also attacked with bricks and stones by Congress workers and retaliatory action was also taken by AAP workers.

The police say that they are investigating the matter seriously and they have informed the higher authorities about the incident.