Burning updates, Chandigarh

Today Afternoon , A Television repair mechanic Jasvir Singh was doing his work at his repair shop at Jamalpur Awana located on Chandigarh Road. when a woman who covered her face came. She entered the shop with a bag in which she had filled 2 bottles of acid. She allegedly threw acid on shopkeeper Jasveer Singh and ran away.

After  the woman threw a bottle full of acid on Jasveer, she came out and ran away in the auto. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper Jasveer Singh, showing courage, started shouting outside the shop.

Jasveer Singh’s face, hands and back were badly burnt by this acid attack. The T-shirt worn by Jasveer Singh was also burnt. The victim’s family says that they have no enmity with anyone.

Regarding this matter, police chief Bikramjit Singh says that the police is investigating the matter.

According to the information, the senior leader of Bahujan Samaj Party, Advocate Harpreet Singh, said that Jasvir Singh runs a T.V repair shop located on Chandigarh Road, in front of Gurdwara Guru Ravidas Maharaj ji.