Big breaking news: Government issued high alert about Tomato Flu after CoronaThe danger of Tomato Flu is increasing in recent times.  According to statistics, this disease is affecting children the most.


Tomato Flu Symptoms and Precautions

Tomato Flu is an infectious disease in which large blisters form on the body. Pus can also accumulates in these boils.

The size and color of these boils are exactly the size of a tomato, hence the name tomato flu. Most nursery and daycare children are at risk of contracting this fast-spreading viral infection.

According to the advisory issued by the center regarding this viral infection, “It has been observed that this infection is a clinical form of hand-foot-mouth disease, which has been seen to spread more among school-going children.


There is no cure for this disease rather we can treat it like a viral infection by drinking a lot of fluids and cleaning the rashes with like warm water.

  • Stay at home for atleast 7-8 day in case of ulcers.
  • Explain the kids about making distance when not well or having a infection like fever
  • Keep a distance and do make any physical contact.
  • Make them keep a handkerchief with them
  • Take care of their cleanliness