A case of corruption has been registered by Vigilance bureau against the Exion,SDO ,JE of Water Supply ,Sarpanch and the Panchayat Secretary.


During the anti-corruption campaign launched by the Punjab Vigilance Bureau today, Gurpreet Singh Executive Engineer Water Supply and Sanitation Department Abohar, Vijay Kumar Sub Divisional Engineer, Subhash Chandra JE, Gurnam Singh Contractor, GPWMC. A case has been registered against Chairman Baj Singh Sarpanch Gram Panchayat Mammukhera and Sohan Lal Secretary Gram Panchayat Mammukhera on the charge of causing financial loss of Rs 5 ,98,312.

Giving this information here today, a spokesperson of the Vigilance Bureau said that the Bureau has registered this case as Crime No. 409, 120-B I.P. C. and 13(1) (a), 13(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act have been registered at Vigilance Bureau Police Station Ferozepur.

He said that during the investigation, it was found that the amount of cement plaster used during the construction of this water works was found to be 39.51 percent less than the required amount according to the report obtained after the analysis. As the quality of this cement plaster is not as per the specifications, the payment of Rs. 5,98,312 in this regard has caused a financial loss to the government.

The spokesperson said that this water works includes inlet channel, high level tank, clear water tank, filter band and S&S. The tank construction works were prepared by contractor Gurnam Singh under the supervision of Subhash Chandra Jr. Engineer, Vijay Kumar Sub Divisional Engineer, Executive Engineer Ravinder Singh Bansal and Gurpreet Singh and during this period GPWMC. The said work has been found under the supervision of Chairman Baj Singh Sarpanch and Sohan Lal Secretary.

During the investigation, Ravinder Singh Bansal, Executive Engineer, during his posting (about 03 months) has not been found to have made any payment for the work of cement plaster in the works of this water works. Responsible for this financial loss of the government, Subhash Chandra Junior Engineer, Vijay Kumar Sub-Divisional Engineer (Retired), Gurpreet Singh Executive Engineer, Contractor Gurnam Singh, Baj Singh Sarpanch and Sohan Lal Secretary have registered this case and further action is ongoing.