Burning updates:

A terrible fire broke out at R Madhuraj Hospital in Agra district of UP on Wednesday morning, due to which panic spread among the patients and staff. Dr. Rajan Singh, the administrator of the hospital, his son Rishi and daughter Shalu have died due to the fire. As soon as the incident was reported, the police officers reached the spot. Currently, the patients have been taken out and sent to another hospital.

A fire broke out in a foam container kept in a room on the first floor of R Madhuraj Hospital. On the same floor were hospital administrator Dr. Rajan, his father Gopichand, wife Madhuraj, daughter Shalu, son Lavi and Rishi along with relative Tejveer. When Gopichand and Lavi woke up at five in the morning, they saw a fire in the mattress room. He tried to pull out the mattress. By then the smoke of the fire had reached inside.
Meanwhile, Dr. Rajan closed the inner gate. After this he got trapped inside along with his family. The smoke also reached the hospital below. Meanwhile, four patients were taken out safely and admitted to another hospital. By the time firefighters arrived, it was too late.

Dr. Rajan, his daughter Shalu and son Rishi, all three have been confirmed dead so far. Elder son Lavi’s condition is critical, mother Madhuraj alias Rajrani is out of danger.