Electricity bills have started coming to zero in the Punjab government. Power Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO made this claim during a press conference in Amritsar.

He said that since July 1, domestic consumers are getting 600 units of electricity free of charge and the electricity bills of 10 lakh families have come to zero.


 On the question of electricity theft, he said that it is completely wrong. The government is providing cheap and free electricity facility to the earlier people.

Minister ETO said that many people have come to meet him with zero electricity bills and during this the public fed him laddu and made his mouth sweet.

He assured that more changes will be seen in the electricity sector in the coming days.

He said that currently due to heat, the electricity bills are coming high, but when the weather cools down, the electricity consumption will decrease, after which about 85 percent of the people will have zero electricity bills.




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