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Canada Breaking: Now Canada issued a travel advisory; Stay away from Indo-Pak border, risk of terrorist attack across the country

Canada has issued a travel advisory for its citizens. It has advised citizens not to travel to areas in India’s Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan that share borders with Pakistan.

Canada has given this advice to its people due to the ‘presence of landmines’ and the ‘unfavorable security situation’
According to the advisory, “Avoid all travel due to the uncertain security situation and the presence of landmines in a 10-km area along the border with Pakistan in Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan.”

The Canadian government issued this travel advisory on its website, which was last updated on September 27. The government has asked citizens to exercise extreme caution across India due to the “threat of terrorist attacks”.

The government urged people to avoid non-essential travel to Assam and Manipur due to the “threat of terrorism and insurgency”. Earlier on September 23, India had also issued an advisory for its citizens and students living in Canada.