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crisis deepened by inflation in Britain, millions of people are forced to give up food for a while

The Russia-Ukraine war, ever-increasing oil prices and inflation have shaken the world. Meanwhile, it has been most affected in Britain. According to a report, people are skipping meals in Britain due to rising inflation. It is being called the biggest economic crisis of recent times.

In a survey conducted on three thousand people by a consumer group – ‘Head of Policy Witch’, it was revealed that almost half of UK families are skipping one-time meals. Also, almost as many people are showing inability to buy healthier foods than before. Apart from this, about 80 percent of the people of Britain have complained of increasing financial burden.
According to Sue Davies, head of the consumer group, the lifestyle crisis is causing millions of people to either skip meals or lose healthy food from their plates. Not only that, but the UK government’s decision not to cut energy prices will leave people without heating in their homes this winter.

In Britain, the report comes at a time when inflation hit a 40-year high of 10.1 percent in September due to rising food prices. Britain’s Office for National Statistics released consumer price index-based inflation data for September on Wednesday, saying the index jumped 10.1 percent in the month. Inflation rose by 9.9 percent in August. Inflation in Britain has reached its highest level since early 1982, new inflation figures show. Meanwhile, inflation had touched this level in July 2022 as well. The Statistics Office said food products were the major contributor to the sharp rise in inflation in September. During this period, food inflation rose to 14.5 percent compared to a year ago.