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There has been a drastic change in the prices of DAP fertilizers for Rabi season, now DAP sacks will be available at this rate, new rate list of DAP fertilizers and urea fertilizers has been issued by the government for the farmers.

New rates have been released for farmers for DAP and Urea fertilizers. Farming is very difficult and after that in Rabi season, farmers have to run  for manure.

DAP and urea fertilizer prices were the center of much discussion last month. Keeping in mind the problems of the farmers, the central government has taken a big decision regarding the prices of fertilizers.

A sack of DAP fertilizer will be available at this rate

type of fertilizer
If at present the prices of DAP and urea fertilizers are being sold in the market at the rate of ` 1200 per 50 kg bag at the present price of DAP in fertilizers. Looking at its new price, at present it has been increased by ₹ 150 per 50 kg bag. Overall the new prices are being seen at ₹1350 per bag.

Decision taken in the interest of farmers.

Farmers are worried about their crops due to the ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel in the country and the cost of irrigation facilities in the fields. Here, due to further increase in the prices of DAP and urea fertilizers, the difficulties of the farmers have doubled. Keeping in view the problem of the farmer, the central government and the state government should take a decision in the interest of the farmer.

See the rate of DAP bags with subsidy.

For a sack of 45 kg urea, the farmer will have to pay Rs 266.50 along with the government subsidy

  •  the same DAP will be provided to the farmers with a sack of 50 kg subsidy for ₹ 350
  •  Apart from this, farmers will be given 14 to 70 rupees in 50 kg sacks along with subsidy to buy NPK fertilizers.
  • MoP to the beneficiary farmer. Farmers will get 50 kg sack for 17 ₹ 100 with fertilizer subsidy and new price. See full news.