The students belonging to the Sc category studying at Punjab University Chandigarh have been stopped by the university due to the government not sending the scholarship money to the university is going on.

Punjab Students Union (Shaheed Randhawa) fully supports this strike and demands immediate release of withheld degrees of students While issuing a statement to the press the leaders of PSU( Shaheed Randhawa) organization Hoshiar Salemgarh and Amitoj Maur said that government education which has come under the influence of new economic policies are continuously dying.

The welfare schemes are designed to provide free education to the students of scheduled Cast and Backward classes are continuously shrinking the budget kept by the central and state government under these schemes are also continuously being cut .Due to this a large number of students belonging to poor families are getting away from a quality education.

He said that the Punjab Government has issued a letter instructing the educational institutions not to withhold the degrees of SC studenstS.but despite  .this, the government/private universities and colleges have been denying the degrees of thousands of SC Students, which is a direct violation of the law.That matter is made.

But no action is taken against these government-affiliated universities/colleges while daily SC students have to face insults from the heads/clerks of these institutions.

He demanded from the Punjab Government that immediate action should be taken against the heads of the educational institutions that have stopped the degrees of SC students. The degrees of the students should be released,  PMS scheme should be given to the SC students studying from other states in Punjab. Benefit should be given.

The Punjab Government should also immediately release the pending scholarship Scheme make the arrangement of applying for the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme easy and study all courses in all government and private universities/colleges post matric scholarship.It should be ensured that it is given under the scheme.