Punjab  Govt starts assessment of pre-primary classes to ensure all-round development of students: Harjot Bains


The record will be uploaded on the web portal by October 10


Punjab’s School Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains said here today that with the intention of ensuring all-round development of students of pre-primary classes, the government has started evaluating various aspects of children’s personality. He said that SCERT The first evaluation of the children of pre-primary (LKG and UKG) classes will be conducted from September 12 to 27 and instructions have been issued to all the officials and teachers of primary schools in this regard.


The Education Minister said that it has been made mandatory to inform the parents about the evaluation of every child. He said that BMTs. It has been asked to upload the record of all the students on the web-portal by October 10, 2022.


The Cabinet Minister said that the purpose of conducting pre-primary classes is to prepare children aged three to six years to receive primary education and ensure their all-round development. This assessment will give the department information about the children’s intellectual level reaching the desired standard.


He said that under the curriculum prepared by the School Education Department for these classes, activities are to be conducted for the children through the game method. He said that report cards along with learning aids have been sent to schools. The purpose of filling the report card is to know and understand the child’s development.


Bains said that during the evaluation of the students, the child is only to be observed while the teacher is conducting the activities, after which the record of the children will be filled in the report card by the teacher in the next three days. In the report card five main areas of assessment of the child have been placed physical development, intellectual development, social and emotional development, linguistic development (Punjabi and English) and each area will be evaluated at three levels.