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When the female IPS came out to check the response time of the police department, then…

Auraiya: ‘Hello I am Sarita Chauhan, on Dibiyapur Road near Plastic City, two bike-borne robbers looted by showing a firearm, arrived early, the robbers have run towards Auraiya…’ to see the readiness of Uttar Pradesh Police. For this, a female IPS officer did a drama in film style. The case is of Auraiya district. Auraiya’s SP Charu Nigam took the examination of his subordinates on Thursday. A film script was written for this. IPS Charu Nigam arrived on a bike near Plastic City near Kakor headquarters on Thursday in disguise and informed 112 about the incident of robbery with her. IPS Charu Nigam told 112 that the robbers riding Pulsar carried out the robbery incident. After this, after reaching the spot with immediate effect, the police got involved in the investigation and started searching for the accused on the basis of appearance. The policemen who reached the spot were investigating the robbery as true. Charu Nigam was also doing tremendous acting.
IPS Charu Nigam was wearing a pink suit and was talking in the local language with her mouth covered. He told about his kinship in a nearby village. He told that he was chased by a bike rider on the way and carried out the incident. The police became active immediately. Charu Nigam was satisfied with the readiness of the police.
The policemen could not recognize IPS Charu Nigam. For a long time, the police kept running from here to there to catch the robbers. When the truth came out at last, the colors of the faces of the policemen changed.