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Heroinworth 70 crore seized from foreign nationals at Delhi airport, see VIDEO…

New Delhi Heroin worth about 70 crore rupees has been seized from a citizen of Belize at Delhi International Airport. The Customs Department gave this information on Monday. According to a statement issued by the Customs Department, the accused person was detained after returning from Doha on Sunday. According to the statement, after a thorough search of the belongings of the accused, some contents were found in the lower and upper part of his trolley bag. According to the statement, 9.95 kg of heroin was recovered from his belongings, the price of which is said to be Rs 69.95 crore in the international market. The department said that the accused person has been arrested.
You must have heard many times the story of people caught smuggling drugs at the airport. Sometimes these smugglers are from their own country, sometimes foreign nationals are also involved in it. A Belizean citizen has been arrested at the Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi. A total of more than 9 kilograms of heroin has been seized from this Belizean.
This heroin is worth crores. An official of the Customs Department said that the value of seized heroin is Rs 69.95 crore. You will be surprised by the way of smuggling of this foreign national. The foreign national had hidden heroin worth 70 crores in his trolley bag. ANI has also shared the video of this smuggling. The smuggler had hidden 9 kg of heroin under the trolley bag.