High Court had asked to deposit ₹115 crore, this line has disappeared from the copy of the order, SC has ordered an investigation.


The sensational case of changing the copy of the Madras High Court order

When the complaint reached the Supreme Court, two benches ordered an investigation

The apex court described this case as very serious and absolutely unusual
New Delhi: You may have heard about a unique crime more than once, but this case is completely different. Can you ever imagine that the judge in the courtroom pronounces some verdict and it becomes something else when it reaches the plaintiff-defendant? This is what happened with the Madras High Court order. The certified copy of the order of the High Court, which was given to both the litigants, was different from the original order. The Supreme Court has expressed surprise at this fraud and has taken it very seriously. The Supreme Court of the country said that this is an unusual situation. He has asked the Registrar of the Madras High Court to investigate the matter and submit the report in a sealed envelope.
Both copies were shown to the Supreme Court
A bench of two judges of the Supreme Court, Justice Ajay Rastogi and Justice BV Nagaratna, has ordered an inquiry to the High Court Registry. In a related case filed in the High Court, K ​​Subramanian, a lawyer for one of the parties, told the Supreme Court that the decision of the Madras High Court was changed. The counsel produced before the Supreme Court Bench both copies of the Madras High Court – one which was uploaded on the High Court’s website and the other a certified copy provided by the High Court. The counsel told the apex court that there are several important differences between the two copies

The Supreme Court bench upheld the lawyer’s claim. He said in the order, ‘Before assessing the merits of the complaint of the petitioners, the matter should be investigated at the level of the Registrar General of the High Court. The defendants can also present their case before us.’ The Supreme Court said that it will consider the inquiry report in the next hearing.

The order was passed on September 1
Note that the Madras High Court had completed the hearing of the case on August 29 and had passed the order in open court on September 1. The judgment delivered by the High Court in open court was uploaded on the website which was downloaded by the petitioner. However, a few days later a new copy was uploaded on the website which is different from the first one. Also, the certified copy of the order is also different from the previously uploaded copy.

Bringing the changes in the High Court order to the attention of the Supreme Court, lawyer K Subramanian said that the instruction to the other party to deposit Rs 115 crore in the bank of Annanagar was removed from the new copy. The Supreme Court bench said, ‘We have seen both the copies of the order. Some paragraphs are clearly missing which are now available on the High Court website.’