Burning update,

. A shocking incident has come to light from the city of Hassan in Karnataka, where a person set fire to a house at midnight on Friday. It is being told that the man’s wife did not allow him to meet his children. The incident is from Doddabikanahalli village in the Hassan district of Karnataka. In this incident, wife Geeta and her children seven-year-old Chirantan and five-year-old Nandan suffered severe burns. He has been admitted to the hospital.

According to the information, the couple had a property dispute. They had also filed a complaint against each other in the Guru police station area. The two were living separately for four months and Geeta had kept both children with her. Husband Rangaswamy used to visit his children and spend time with them. However, Geeta refused to meet her sons on Friday. Despite repeated requests, Geeta flatly refused to allow him to meet his sons. Angered by this, Rangaswamy poured petrol on the house and set it on fire in the middle of the night. During this time, his wife and children were sleeping inside the house. Seeing the house burning, the neighbors rushed to help. Somehow pulled them out and saved their lives. The police have arrested the accused Rangaswamy.