Burning updates,

A survey was conducted on the order of Baljit Kaur  Minister of Social Security, Women and Child Development Department of Punjab. The Government will save 13.53 crore per month by identifying 90248 beneficiaries of  the pensions of  elderly, widows, dependent children and the disabled.

Cabinet Minister Dr. Baljit Kaur gave further information and said that a survey of 30.46 lakh beneficiaries of Punjab has been conducted. On completion of this survey, 90248 deceased beneficiaries have been identified.

Identification of deceased beneficiaries will save the government 13.53 crores per month and 162.36 crores annually.

The Cabinet Minister said that with the identification of 90,248 deceased beneficiaries, where the financial loss of the government has stopped, rather this amount will help other needy people.

The Cabinet Minister said that the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) scheme will be implemented to pay the pension to the beneficiaries, the pension will be distributed to the beneficiaries through business correspondence deployed by the bank. Beneficiaries will not have to stand in bank queues now.

To implement the scheme, first two pilot projects will be started in District Sangrur, Sri Muktsar Sahib, coordination is being done with the banks.