Burning update


Additional Deputy Commissioner (R) Gurpreet Singh Thind issued an order with the approval of Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sahni, while selling subsidized urea fertilizer and DAP fertilizer by fertilizer sellers in the district and other agricultural inputs (such as pesticides and bio-fertilizers etc.). ) have issued orders prohibiting forced tagging of farmers.

ADC Thind said that the farmers and farmers’ organizations have brought to the attention of the district administration that some fertilizer dealers forcefully impose pesticides and bio-fertilizers along with urea and DAP fertilizers without the need of the farmers.
ADC Gurprarit Singh Thind therefore instructed all the fertilizer dealers and cooperative societies that if they sell or give any other agricultural material to any farmer without need or demand of the farmer, then to do so. Strict action will be taken under Fertilizer Control Order, 1985 against concerned dealers, cooperative societies, shopkeepers in Surat.

The ADC also directed that not more than 25 bags of DAP be sold per day per farmer so that DAP can be distributed equally among the farmers keeping in view the planting of the 2022-23 rice season. He has directed the Chief Agriculture Officer, Patiala to inform all the fertilizer sellers and cooperative societies at their level to comply with these orders.