Now break on the hairstyle of women lawyers in the court, advise not to groom the hair in the court, said the proceedings of the court are interrupted and distracted.

Pune: Women lawyers often groom their hair in court, thereby disrupting or distracting court proceedings. The court has advised women lawyers not to do this. Since then, many women lawyers have been outraged. The case is of the District Court of Pune.

In the notice issued by the court, it is said that “It has been observed time and again that women lawyers often straighten their hair in court. Disrupts or disturbs the proceedings of the court. Therefore, women lawyers are hereby advised not to do such acts. The photo of this notice of Pune District Court is currently going viral.

While tweeting the photo of this order, Indira Jaisingh, a senior advocate of the Supreme Court, has written, “wow now look ! Who is distracted by women advocates and why!”.