New Delhi:

Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences is going to give great relief to the patients coming to the hospital for treatment. OPD registration will be free at AIIMS from Wednesday, November 2. The AIIMS administration has announced this and this arrangement will be implemented from Tuesday morning. The OPD fee of 10 rupees charged from the patients by the AIIMS administration has been abolished. Along with this, health check upto 300 rupees has also been made free. This decision of the AIIMS management will provide relief to financially weaker people.

This arrangement will be implemented from Wednesday. A fee of Rs 10 has been fixed till now for OPD registration in AIIMS, which will end from November 2. Now people will not have to pay any fee for registration. This decision of the AIIMS administration will provide relief to such people who come from very poor families. Along with making registration free for OPD, another major decision has been taken by the AIIMS administration. Under this, the facility of examination upto 300 rupees in AIIMS will also be free.
CT scan and MRI scan data also online

The data of CT scan and MRI examination will also be made online in AIIMS from November 2. Only the patients will get the benefit of this. Apart from this, the patient’s examination data will also be updated in real time at AIIMS. This step has been taken to bring transparency on behalf of the AIIMS administration. AIIMS used to get long dates for CT scan and MRI examination. The AIIMS administration has been constantly accused of this. Now people will feel satisfied with this decision of AIIMS.

At the same time, the AIIMS administration has launched a dashboard on its website on Saturday, taking steps towards increasing transparency. It is providing real time data of patients waiting for emergency bed and treatment. AIIMS Director M Srinivas launched AIIMS Main Hospital Casualty Dashboard. He emphasized on creation of real time data of emergency bed availability, integrated dashboard related to bed status and two-way referral mechanism.