Pakistan has once again been rocked by a bomb blast. On the afternoon of Monday (January 30), a massive bomb blast took place in a mosque in Peshawar. The blast took place during Zohar prayer in a mosque located in the police line area of Peshawar.

Many people lost their lives due to the explosion in the mosque. According to a Geo News report, 28 people have died in the blast, while more than 150 people have been injured. The death toll is expected to rise further.

According to media reports, the attacker blew himself up during prayers. The roof of the mosque collapsed in the bomb blast.28 people have lost their lives in this blast.  many of the injured victims are in serious condition   Currently, many more people are feared to be buried under the debris. Emergency has been imposed in the area after the explosion. At present, the Pakistani army has surrounded the area.


It was also reported that a suicide bomber was present in the mosque during the prayer.He was sitting in the first row before he blew himself . leaving 150 people injured and 28 killed .it was also found that there were almost more than 550  people present in Mosque during the explosion. the explosion was so powerful that it could be heard from the 2km area from the blast.