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Orders to ensure safety of students in school vehicles

Legal action will be taken in case of negligence: Jitinder Jorwal

Following the orders of the Punjab Government, Deputy Commissioner Jatinder Jorwal instructed the principals, managers and in-charges of transport vehicles of all the private schools in the district to implement the ‘Punjab Safe School Vehicle’ to ensure the safety of school students in vehicles. Policy  should be implemented immediately.

The Deputy Commissioner said in clear words that this is a matter directly related to the safety of the students and if there is any negligence in implementing the rules laid down under this policy, appropriate legal action will be taken against the concerned school.

While presiding over a meeting called by the District Child Protection Department at the District Administrative Complex, the Deputy Commissioner said that there should be clear guidelines regarding the installation of CCTV cameras in all school buses and school vehicles and proper management of footage. However, some institutions are not following these instructions.

He said that during the departmental investigation and the report sent by the schools, some cases of discrepancy between the actual condition of the school buses have also come to his attention and if the school management does not abandon such thinking in the future, action will definitely be taken. will be done

The Deputy Commissioner said that seating more students than the designated seats in school buses, giving the responsibility of the buses to an unknown person due to the school bus driver being on leave, not having women assistants in school buses, not wearing uniforms by the driver and conductor. , speeding of school buses, non-availability of detailed information about the driver or vehicle fitness certificate with the school management are worrisome and action will be taken if such cases come to light during the investigation.

He also instructed to form a school-level transport committee in this regard in each school. During the meeting, apart from District Child Protection Officer Mrs. Navneet Kaur, representatives of Education Department, Transport Department, Traffic Police, Principals, Managers and In-charges of all private schools were also present.