Satinder Sartaj well known singer is always known for breaking new records, has hinted at releasing future songs or films on his own by launching an app and OTT platform called ” Eemhifal’ on his birthday (31 Aug)

The name of the platform, Emhifal, shows that Singer Satinder Sartaj will now show his shows online . It will be the first online show platform of Punjabi and Bollywood. People sitting all over the world will be able to watch the s online   show  at home on September 24 in Delhi on the app.
Similarly, the app also has a category for those songs which have not released till now. According to the details so far, more than 19000 people have downloaded the app on the first day itself.

Satinder Sartaj’s office, giving information, said that their mission is to eliminate middlemen and communicate directly with people. They have done the same in shows across the world and now through this app people will be able to check show tickets, songs, movies etc.