Burning update,

To facilitate the process of submitting life certificates for pensioners, the State Bank of India has launched a new Video Life Certificate (VLC) service. Under this facility, pensioners will be able to submit their life certificates through a video call with an SBI officer.

Let us tell you that every year the pension disbursing agency (Pension Disbursing Agency, PDA) has to submit their life certificate to the pensioners of the central government to withdraw their pension. The certificate is important for the pensioner.
Through the new Video Life Certificate (VLC) service, people can submit their life certificate through a video call on the SBI app or website, without visiting a branch. Remember that this facility will be for those whose pension is processed and paid through the bank.

How to Submit Life Certificate through Video:

Visit the official Pension Seva website of SBI or download the Pensionseva mobile application.

On the website, click on the ‘VDOLC’ link at the top of the webpage. In the application, select the ‘Video Life Certificate’ option from the landing page.
Enter the account number in which you receive your pension. Then enter the captcha and check the box to authorize the bank to use your Aadhaar details. Click on the ‘Validate Account’ button after which an OTP will be sent to the mobile number associated with your Aadhaar card.

Submit the required certificates and click on proceed.

On the new page, follow the instructions to schedule a video call appointment as per your convenience. A confirmation will be sent to you via SMS and email.

After giving your consent join the video call as per schedule.
You will need to read a verification code and also show your PAN card in the call with the bank officer.

After verification, hold the camera steady so that the bank officer can capture your face.

Finally your information will be entered. Will inform the pensioners about the status of the video life certificate through SMS.