This incident took place at Raipur. massive fire has broken out in the State Bank of India ATM in the capital. In the incident in Budhapara, two vehicles of the fire brigade reached the spot and extinguished the fire. The police team also reached the spot immediately. At present, the cause of the fire has not been disclosed.

SBI management has been informed about the incident. The traffic was stopped for some time, the police closed the electronic and book stall located next to the ATM. There are many shops in this area, so they were asked to keep them closed as a precaution.

At the moment, the electricity in the neighborhood has been switched off. People in the vicinity said that they saw smoke coming out of the ATM, and after a while, a huge fire broke out there. He immediately informed the Fryer Brigade. It will be known only after the arrival of the bank officials whether the cash has been burnt or not or how much cash has been damaged. Currently, the fire brigade has brought the fire under control.