Thailand Shooting: Used to take drugs, fired from job, broke into nursery, killed 32 including wife, children, later blew himself up

At least 34 people are reported to have been killed in the indiscriminate firing of a former policeman at a child center in Thailand. The attacker also blew himself up after this incident.

: On Thursday, northern Thailand was shaken by the sound of gunfire. A former police officer opened fire at a children’s day care center. In this incident of firing, the death of 34 people has been reported so far. Including 22 children. This information has been given by a police spokesperson. The police spokesperson also said that the person who brutally killed 34 people also shot himself and committed suicide.

Na Klang Police Station Superintendent Chakraphat Wichitvaydia told Thai Rath TV that the gunman was discharged from the police force last year. At the same time, District Officer Zidapa said that the person first shot four or five employees including a teacher who was eight months pregnant. He said, “At first people felt that it was fireworks.”

A similar incident took place in 2020

Mass shootings are rare in Thailand. Even though gun ownership rates are high compared to some other countries in the region and illegal weapons are common. In 2020, a soldier upset over a property deal also carried out a similar firing incident. At least 29 people were killed and 57 injured at that time.

All updates on the firing so far-

The shooting took place in Nong Bua Lamphu, Northern Thailand

The report said that the victims included both children and adults

Thailand police said the gunman involved in the mass shooting was a former police officer

Police of Thailand said that all agencies have been alerted for action

The gunman killed his wife and child before killing himself, Reuters reported, citing Thailand media.