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To promote tourism, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated the Sky Glasswalk Bridge for public travel. This is an ambitious project of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Rajgir Glasswalk is an international tourist place where more than 100 foreign travelers also visit every day. This sky glasswalk located in the middle of 5 hills is very spectacular and attracts the mind of the tourists.

The Hanging Garden in reality

The Sky Glass Walk Bridge is built between 5 hills. This adds to its beauty. In the monsoon season, the beauty of the bridge between the green hills increases. These days the sky glasswalk is crowded with visitors. Located at a height of 400 meters, this bridge is designed as Hangzhou Bridge. The length of the Sky Glass Walk is approximately 200 meters. The width of Sky Glass Walk is 6 feet. 40 people are allowed to visit at a time. After the construction of this sky walk in Rajgir, there is a crowd of tourists. Rajgir Sky Glass Walk Walking Schedule

Rajgir Sky Glasswalk is open for tourists every day of the week except Monday. Tourists can visit from 9 am to 6 pm. Different types of tickets are available from the ticket counter. Tight security arrangements have also been made around the Sky Walk.

how to reach

A taxi can be taken from Rajgir Railway Station or Gaya Airport to reach Rajgir Glass Bridge. Road connectivity is also good. International tourists can also go from Gaya Airport or Patna Airport.


These places are also special in Rajgir
Apart from the Sky Glass Walk, Rajgir has fascinating and historical tourist centers. The world famous historical Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Pandava Pokhar and Gurdhakoot Peak are the best tourist destinations. Apart from these tourist centers, boating and sightseeing can be enjoyed in many lakes.