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Thieves stole the electricity transformer of the irrigation department in Amravati, Maharashtra. The price of the stolen transformer is said to be 30 lakh rupees. Since this incident, the farmers are facing problems for irrigation of rabi crop. Former Minister Yashomati Thakur protested in support of the farmers. Actually, under the Gurukunj Irrigation Scheme of Amravati, electricity transformers were installed for the farmers, so that the crops could be irrigated, but now the farmers are facing the biggest problem due to the theft of the transformers. Farmers say that their crops should be irrigated, but it is not possible due to the transformer. It is being told that this transformer of the irrigation department was crossed by thieves. The price of this transformer is said to be 30 lakh rupees. People say that how can such a big transformer be stolen? Questioning the incident of theft, the former guardian minister of Amravati Yashomati Thakur protested in the irrigation department office. He said that until the transformer is installed, the agitation will be continued. On this occasion, the farmers present with the former minister shouted slogans.