The Deputy Commissioner has been arrested in the case of withdrawing money by forging the account holder’s signature. The event is from 2018. The postman was arrested after his retirement. The case is of Civil Line police station area. According to the information received, JS Mudaliar, a resident of Mitra Vihar Colony, Bilaspur, had an account in the main post office. 74,900 rupees were withdrawn from his account on 25 March 2011 without filling the withdrawal form. On the same 4th October 2018, 70 thousand were withdrawn.

After this, on 29 September 2018, 25 thousand rupees were withdrawn from his account with a fake signature. On which JS Mudaliar filed an FIR in the Civil Lines police station. The Civil Line Police took the case under investigation and consideration.

The investigation revealed that Roshan Kaushik was on the post of Assistant Post Master. And in the Withdrawal form was the signature of Deputy Commissioner Roshan Kaushik. And Aharan Bhaj got Roshan Kaushik’s tenure. On which the police has arrested the Assistant Postmaster Roshan Kaushik (62) who has now retired.