September 25, 2022

Considering the unseasonal rain as a natural calamity, the government should take special care of the ruined crops

 Once again unseasonal rain has become a disaster for farmers Rain and strong winds have destroyed the paddy crop nearing maturity in Punjab. The hopes of the farmers have been dashed. Some paddy fields have been submerged in water and some have been blown away by the wind. Before this, when paddy was being planted by the farmers, a lot of paddy was also submerged at that time.

In Bahad, with great difficulty, the farmers took paddy from here and planted it again at an expensive price. When that crop has now come to the edge of maturity and now the rain has washed away all the hopes of the farmers.

Due to the increase in moisture in the grains due to heavy rainfall, there is a fear of increasing the problems of the farmers in the markets. It is also feared that the central government may create new hurdles in the procurement of paddy. The rains that started on Friday have left the entire state inundated.

The rain has had the biggest impact on the paddy crop. The risk of pink boll attack on the soft-cotton crop in the soft belt has increased. Moisture is the home of diseases for crops In such weather, the risk of sundi increases, which is not affected by any insecticide.

The grain of paddy may turn black when it is wet. We request the government that the farmers are already buried in debt. Now God has buried more. The government should treat this unseasonal rain as a natural disaster and issue orders to carry out special girdavari and give due compensation to the farmers. Otherwise, the farmers will have to take to the streets.