World’s most expensive  water l

Worlds Most Expensive Water Brands: When we are thirsty, we either drink Reverse Osmosis (R.O) water installed at home or if we are out of the house, we can get a bottle of water worth Rs 20-50 at the most. But let us tell you that there is a bottle of water which would have cost around Rs 44 lakhs, then you would hardly believe it but it is absolutely true. The reason for the high price of this water is the source from where it is brought and the second biggest reason is the texture of the bottle in which it is sold. Let us tell you about some such expensive water available.

The most expensive water ever sold is the Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani company. This water is taken from the Fiji Islands and France’s Natural Spring in the South Pacific Ocean, as well as water from Iceland’s glacier is also mixed in it. Its company’s bottle is made of platinum or 24 carat gold, which is an important reason for it being so expensive. Its costliest-selling 750ml water bottle ever costs around Rs 43 lakh.

Now comes the water of the Fillico company. This is a Japanese company. Its water is taken from Rocco Mountain and it is filtered with granite. It is said that this water contains a good amount of oxygen. The bottle is adorned with precious Swarovski crystals.

Kona Nigari water is included in this list. Its 750ml water costs around Rs 29000. This water is taken from under 3000 feet of sea near the Hawaiian Islands. It is said that this water quickly hydrates our body and gives energy.
10 thousand BC is a Canadian company. Its 750ml water bottle is around $14. It is ultra premium glacier water which cleanses the skin and hydrates the body quickly.

Tasmanian Rain is an Australian brand. A 750 ml bottle of this water costs Rs 364. The reason for it being so expensive is the island of Tasmania. This water is collected from rain. This water is collected before it falls on the ground, after which it is packed in a beautiful bottle.

A 750 ml bottle of BlingH20 costs Rs 2,916. This water comes from the United States (UN). There is a long process of purifying this water. This water is made potable after passing through 9 steps. Its bottle is decorated with bling, hence its name is Bling H20.

A 750 ml bottle of Aqua Deco water costs Rs 898. This brand is from Canada. The name of this water is derived from the decoration of its bottle because deco means artistic. Seeing this water bottle, you will definitely remember the perfume.


Note :The article is taken from Syndicate Food.