Ignoring the demands of employees working on contracts and outsourcing of Punjab Roadways and Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) may spell trouble for the Punjab government. Punjab Roadways, Panbus and PRTC Contract Workers Union seems to be moving forward on the path of struggle as per its set programme.

Union is besieging the head office of Punjab Roadways located in Chandigarh on Tuesday. During this siege, 35-35 employees from each depot of Punjab Roadways will be present. For Punjab Roadways, which is struggling with shortage of employees, so many contract employees going to surround Chandigarh can also affect the operation of regular buses.

Vikram Jeet Singh, general secretary of the Jalandhar unit of the union, said that according to the pre-arranged program, 35-35 employees of both the depots are going to come to Chandigarh from Jalandhar on Tuesday and surround the head office. However, the union has no intention of stopping government buses on Tuesday.

Warning of chakka jam from 27 to 29 September

He said that the management has been informed about the struggle program of the union in time. If the operation of buses is affected due to lack of staff, the responsibility will be on the management. He said that on 27th, 28th and 29th of September all government buses of the state will be jammed and the management has been informed about this.

Protest by the union against regularization of contract employees, reinstatement of dismissed employees, stop recruitment on outsourced basis and inclusion of buses in the fleet of Punjab Roadways and PRTC under kilometer scheme. Demonstration is being performed. PJ