District Faridkot Magistrate Dr. Ruhi Dug has suspended 118 firearms licenses found illegal. The District Magistrate said that in this regard, 940 notices have been issued to the heirs of the firearms license regarding any kind of objection or response.

Taking action in this regard, a total of 118 firearms licenses have been suspended after investigation and action will be taken after investigating the remaining cases.

The District Magistrate said that due to the death of firearms licensees in various police stations of the district, 68 licenses related to firearms storage have been suspended for a long time. The list was uploaded on the website of District Faridkot to inform about the cancellation of firearms licenses of deceased firearms licensees. And also through the media, the heirs of the deceased arms licensees included in the lists were instructed that if anyone has any objection, they can submit their reply/objection.

He said that because the heirs of 68 deceased arms licensees did not submit any objection in this regard, these licenses have been suspended.Apart from this, while taking action by the District Magistrate, it was told that as many as the arms license holders had more than 2 arms registered, they did not get their third arms deleted as per the instructions issued by the Government of India.

In this regard, show-cause notices were also issued to those ammunition holders, but no action has been taken to delete the third ammunition yet.

About 50 firearms licenses have also been suspended against these firearms holders in violation of the Arms Act.

The magistrate directed that as many firearms licensees as are about to renew their firearms licenses should apply immediately. In case of non-renewal, the process of canceling the firearms license will be initiated.