According to the new thinking of the new government, due to the efforts of Education Minister Punjab Harjot Singh Bains, meetings were held today in schools across Punjab under Inspire Meet 0.1. In the same vein, Deputy District Education Officer Manwinder Kaur Bhullar made an inspirational visit to government schools in Block Devigarh today, in which Deputy District Education Officer inspected Inspire Meet at Government Elementary School Kapuri,

Government Elementary School Malakpur Kamboan, Government Elementary School Julkan.

Deputy District Education Officer Mrs. Manwinder Kaur Bhullar said that due to the hard work of the teachers and the efforts of the government, these meetings were successful in all the schools of Devigarh block. He interacted with the parents of the children in Kapuri School and talked about the new face of the school and the support being provided by NRI. Accordingly, he thanked the teachers for the hard work of the children in Malakpur Kamboan School and the support received from the villagers.

Regarding the changes that are coming in the schools due to the new thinking of the new government, the Deputy District Education Officer also appealed to enroll their children in government schools. At this time Block Master Trainer Navdeep Sharma, Government Elementary School Kapuri Incharge Harpreet Uppal, Madam Satwinder Kaur, Mankinder Singh Sandhu, Media Coordinator Amrik Singh Kheri Raja, Madam Kiran, Head Teacher Monica Saini Julka who conducted the program today on behalf of the government and the department. Participated in a large scale.



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