Burning updates: Chandigarh

The state vigilance team has caught the registry clerk Gulshan Gulati red-handed while accepting a bribe of 20 thousand rupees. The accused had demanded 25 thousand rupees in exchange for conducting Girdavari. The team has also detained Tehsildar Nikhil Singla on the identification of Gulshan Gulati.

Vigilance team in-charge Sachin Kumar said that they had received a complaint against reader Gulshan Gulati. The complainant said that he had gone to Tehsil Gharonda to get the Girdavari repaired.But he didn’t work after several cycles. After this, the registry clerk Gulshan told him that he would not be able to work without the bribe.
Gulati demanded 25 thousand rupees to get the Girdavari done. However, later the deal was settled for 20,000 rupees. Gulshan Gulati told the complainant that Tehsildar also had a part in it. After this, the complainant complained about the matter to the vigilance team.

Based on the complaint, the vigilance team laid a trap to catch the accused red-handed. Accused Gulshan Gulati had called the complainant to take a bribe of 20 thousand rupees. As soon as the registry clerk took the money from the complainant, the vigilance caught him red-handed.

Vigilance also arrested the Tehsildar on the statements of the registry clerk. Both were arrested from Sector 32 area of ​​Karnal. Tehsildar Nikhil Singla was in charge of Gharonda as well as Indri and Karnal. Vigilance said that Tehsildar and Reader will be produced in the court and taken on remand for questioning, so that their other cases of taking bribe can also be disclosed.